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We are pleased to report that Creative Office Properties has completed its renovation of LC3, has stabilized the project and has refinanced its construction loan with a new 10 year loan.  We will begin distributions December 15, 2014, as soon as the free rent periods for the new leases have burnt off.  If you have not had a chance to ... More
It has been a while since we have sent an update, but we have been hard at work on our project.  We have successfully completed both the Cal Lutheran (approx. 18,000 sq. ft.) and VS Media (approx. 10,000 sq. ft.) suites, and both tenants have moved in.  Cal Lutheran begins paying rent 12/1/14, and VS Media 11/1/14.  We also signed ... More
Several weeks ago, we signed a new lease with VS Media, a computer conferencing and website management company. VS Media will take about 9,900 sq. ft. on the second floor on July 1, 2014. They are an extremely well-capitalized company and will make an excellent addition to the project. Their plans are currently in the County of Los Angeles for ... More
It has been too long since we have posted an update– only good news to report.  Our three new tenants– Kamus + Keller, Sachs Marketing and 401K Advisors– are all in occupancy and paying rent as of 2/1/14.  In addition, we have signed three new leases.  The first tenant is MDF Instruments, a medical instrument sales company that has leased  ... More
We signed our third new lease today with John Spach, a financial planner who wanted to be in creative office space and loves our building.  It is another five year lease, starting January 1st, and he is paying $2.15 per square foot, modified gross with 3% annal increases.  With our three new leases, we are proving that the market is ... More
So much for the summer doldrums!  We signed another lease today with a digital marketing company called Sachs Marketing Group, which is currently located in Westlake Village and loves creative office space.  The lease is for Suite 225, which is 1,579 rentable square feet.  The rent starts at $2.20 psf and increases 3% annually over the five year term.  Kamus ... More
Last week, we signed our first new lease with Kamus + Keller Interior and Architecture, a well-respected architectural firm.  They will be taking the 2,547 sq. ft. “Spec Suite” and will move in by October 1st (with rent starting February 1, 2014).  It is a 5 year deal at $2.125 per square foot, modified gross with 3% annual increases.  We ... More
Although the summer is usually a quiet time for leasing, we have had significant activity over the past three weeks– no leases signed yet, but we hope to make an announcement soon.  In the meantime, attached is a current report on Creative Office Space prepared by CBRE.  We found it very encouraging! CBRE Creative Office Trends Report... More
We have been waiting to give you a status report on the project, because we had hoped to announce our first new lease, confirming the project concept and the market.  Because that has not yet happened, we will give you a more detailed analysis of where we are and what our plans are going forward.  We are going to share ... More
We have completed the first phase of our renovation, slightly behind schedule but within our budget.  On April 24th, we hosted a Broker Open House for about 40 brokers who represent tenants in the Conejo Valley area.  The response to our renovation was very positive, and many agreed that they expect that we will lease the building quickly.  Click here ... More

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